Glass Alliance New Mexico, a regional chapter of Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass, is an organization dedicated to the development and appreciation of Studio Art Glass in New Mexico. We bring together artists, galleries, glass collectors, curators, educators, students, as well as private and corporate art enthusiasts in order to support, educate, and enrich the experience of glass art.

To that end, we sponsor glass artists’ technical demonstrations; lectures/multi-media programs; maestro events which showcase both national and international glass artists’ work; educational/instructional classes for members and others interested in creating their own glass art; and visits to artists’ studios and glass collector homes.

Contact Us

Contact Us

David Goldheim - President
Glass Alliance - New Mexico
P.O. Box 23823
Santa Fe, NM 87502

Harry Miller – Vice President

Tom Murdock – Treasurer

Leslie Walker-Hirsh – Membership Chair

Dale Goldheim

Jon Gurrola

Susan Hancock

Lucy Lyon

Patrick Morrissey

Sarah Nelson

Jerry Silverstein

Leslie Walker-Hirsch

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