Message from the President

David Goldheim

This is my last Newsletter Note as President of the Glass Alliance New Mexico. It has been an honor and a great pleasure to serve in this capacity due to our appreciative members and the opportunity to work with such a talented, hardworking and dedicated Board of Directors.

Together we have accomplished a lot over the past few years. The organization is strong; the incoming Board promises a robust future; maestro and social events continue to be our greatest attraction; our Newsletters are consistent, attractive, informative and well suited to our mission; prudent investments in a more comprehensive and attractive website, designed to retain current members and attract new members have been made; and initiatives to improve benefits for artist-members are in the works.

Financial stability remains our greatest concern. Sources of revenue—grants, donations, fund raising events, corporate sponsorships and other novel revenue ideas are needed. Please contact Harry Miller, and Tom Murdock, if you have ideas to suggest or wish to offer help.

Dale's and my deep friendships as the result of our membership in the GANM have been a joy and our relationships with Santa Fe gallerists, artists working in glass and GANM-sponsored maestro-artists have added greatly to our appreciation of the art form and quality of our glass collection.

Best wishes for continued vitality and growth,

Warm Regards, David